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We create.
You grow.

Our purpose is to help you grow your brand, and your business. A strong brand and strategic marketing communications, means a strong business. Meet the team that helps you elevate it all.

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Gippsland Skylights

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity and Website.

Caravan Hire Co

Brand Development, Visual Identity, Website Design and Development.

Virtue Wealth

Brand Development, Visual Identity, Style Guide and Signage.

The Range Estate

Brand Development, Visual Identity, Signage and Website.

Wheelz World

Visual Identity, Signage and Website.

Court House

Visual Identity

Where We Stand

These four core beliefs drive our agency and define the experience you get when you work with Media Fox.

Be Brave

To challenge convention and be different, we must first be brave – the leadership our clients expect from us.

Be Real

Honesty and openness are the foundations for all of our relationships, internally and with clients.

Question Everything

To make things better we must ask and challenge. Or our clients will only ever go where they’ve been

Think More, Design Less.

Great, simple, memorable designs can only be achieved if they’re backed by greater theory.

Things we've written for you

We'll throw some thoughts here whenever we have a spare second to stop and see what's happening around us. Come back from time to time!

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Design Inspiration: ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’

When it comes to design inspiration, I often turn away from the computer screen and look to the outside world. However earlier this year, I stumbled across a Netflix series called ‘Abstract: The Art of Design.’ The series documents the careers and lives of eight creatives in various disciplines

Top 7 Marketing Tips for 2017

For most of us the Christmas and New Year break is over and it’s back to the every day grind! So, in an effort to provide some inspiration and hopefully a bit of a spark, I’ve put together some general marketing tips to help get you off to a flying start in 2017. Review these tips in context

Have you considered Animation for your Marketing arsenal?

As a digital designer, there’s an undeniable buzz that comes with bringing skill sets from the cutting edge of multimedia trends to a marketing agency. From game resource design to 3D motion graphics, we are trained to constantly evolve with innovations as they develop, to provide clients with

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